Sandra Davis from Perth

I could not be happier. Best purchase I have made in a long while. Finding companies that actually deliver what they promise without fuss and promptly is amazing these days. I feel like I am back in the 60’s when service was great! Had the system running for...


They came on time and installed without fuss. Best of all, the head of the team installing it (a Kiwi, sorry can’t remember name) was so patient and explained everything slowly and carefully, showing me physically as well as a handbook which explains the ins and...


Brilliant. This is not a paid review. I live in Wanneroo, W.A. 70 year old grandma. The service was fast and clear cut. No mucking around with hi quotes only to drop it when you had a better one. The first quote was their best and that’s that. No hard sales or...

Lottie Z from Perth

Got the quote on Tuesday, installed on Thursday. The system has been running for 5 months without any problem! Love to use and support a great Perth local business. Would recommend to anyone! Lottie Z from Perth

Tim from Perth

They installed a replacement solar hot water system and did a great job. New system is fantastic and they were even able to give us a free loan of a standby unit while the roof was being patched. Tim from Perth