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Smart Electric Boost (Gas Boost Available)

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What is a solar hot water system?

Solar hot water systems use the light and heat energy from the sun to raise the temperature of water held in a reservoir. Ideally suited for residential applications in sunny Perth, solar hot water systems are usually installed on the roof of a house.

While they primarily rely on free solar energy, solar hot water systems usually have a conventionally powered booster to ensure hot water supply on days when it is cloudy or there is an unusually heavy demand.

Up to a quarter of the energy an average home uses can go towards heating water. Yet by using free energy from the sun to do most of this work, home owners like you can dramatically reduce your power bills and your greenhouse impact.

How does a solar hot water system work?

Using the sun to warm up water is a very old idea, however the approaches used by modern solar hot water systems have only been around since the 20th Century. Today, there are several kinds available, but the general principles behind them are the same: collecting and transferring heat and light energy from the sun into a contained volume of water.

Don’t confuse this with solar electricity though. Yes, while both technologies use flat panels to collect the sun’s energy, a photovoltaic cell array changes energy into electricity. A solar hot water system simply concentrates the sun’s energy directly on the water and then circulates it to a tank.

Solar hot water has been the mainstay of Perth roof tops for years. Roughly 200,000 Western Australian homeowners are already saving on power bills with solar hot water. Their efficiency has also improved over the years and now every system these days must have safety mechanisms to stop the water boiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

Perth metro installation (Inc Yanchep to Mandurah, Fremantle to Perth Hills and Armadale). We can service areas outside this at additional cost.

What are my payment options?

Payment can be made by EFT, Credit Card with NO surcharges (Visa, Mastercard or Amex accepted). We can also offer a Brighte Green Loan, ask us for a referral link to apply!

What is your Broken Tile Policy?

When moving around 100+kg roof tanks tiles can break. If you have spare tiles we will replace broken ones with these. If tiles are broken and no spares are available we will repair the tiles with silicone and place them at the lowest point of the roof line, preferably over an eve.

What are your normal business hours?

Business hours are 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. We have an out of hours message service for emergency/urgent situations. You leave a message and we will call you back.


Tim from Perth

They installed a replacement solar hot water system and did a great job. New system is fantastic and they were even able to give us a free loan of a standby unit while the roof was being patched.

Tim from Perth

Lottie Z from Perth

Got the quote on Tuesday, installed on Thursday. The system has been running for 5 months without any problem! Love to use and support a great Perth local business. Would recommend to anyone!

Lottie Z from Perth


Brilliant. This is not a paid review. I live in Wanneroo, W.A. 70 year old grandma. The service was fast and clear cut. No mucking around with hi quotes only to drop it when you had a better one. The first quote was their best and that’s that. No hard sales or promises. (I shopped around and did my research and glad I came back to this firm.


They came on time and installed without fuss. Best of all, the head of the team installing it (a Kiwi, sorry can’t remember name) was so patient and explained everything slowly and carefully, showing me physically as well as a handbook which explains the ins and outs of maintenance etc. The follow up is also 5 stars.

Sandra Davis from Perth

I could not be happier. Best purchase I have made in a long while. Finding companies that actually deliver what they promise without fuss and promptly is amazing these days. I feel like I am back in the 60’s when service was great! Had the system running for about 6 months now and very pleased with it.

Sandra Davis from Perth

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